Tag der Deutschen Einheit 2019 in Ghana

Zum Tag der Deutschen Einheit hat die Botschaft in Accra eine Sonderausgabe in der ghanaischen Tageszeitung - dem Daily Graphic - herausgegeben. Ein Artikel beschreibt die Kooperation zwischen Brot für die Welt und YMCA und hebt die Feiern zum 175jährigen Jubiläum des YMCA hervor.

Von Freiwilligendienst Nord-Süd am
Bild von Freiwilligendienst Nord-Süd
Freiwilligendienst Nord-Süd
mehr zur Person

Mit Unterstützung von Brot für die Welt und Afreeca konnte das Benefizkonzert verschiedene Musikgruppen einladen.

YMCA has worked on supporting the underprivileged for the last 175 years. In Ghana YMCA has been active since 1890 and has since remained a forerunner in implementing youth and child development programmes in many parts of the country.

In March 2019 it was decided to establish a Media Hub Education Centre following the impact of the 2018 ‘All On Board Film Training Project ‘. The Centre shall serve the whole West African subregion.

For the 2019 Film Training Project dubbed ‘Make A Difference,’ the number of participating countries increased from three to four due to the inclusion of the Gambia. The number of participants in the project increased up to 36 whereas the number of females increased significantly especially among the trainers. This year, the films focused on telling the stories of persons who have made or are making an impact in their community in their own small ways.

In September 2019 Ghana YMCA organised a beautiful celebration of the 175th Anniversary of YMCAs with a benefit concert at the National Theatre with performances of international and local musicians.

All initiatives mentioned above get financial support from Bread for the World and other partners like the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Afreeca.

Text: Sarah Heinlin (in The Daily Graphic)

Bilder: Sarah Heinlin und The Daily Graphic