The Astonishing Bicycle

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Approximately every hour we had to clean at least 20 cups and make them available to serve more people. Averagely 160 persons visited the stand of  brot-für-die-welt from 10:00 am to 17:00 daily at the Katholische Kirchen tag in Leipzig. Astonished by the wonders of a stationary bike, fitted with a blender at the Front that spins as you pedal, almost everyone who came around wanted to mix up delicious fruit smoothies in an instant.

You simply fill the blender with a fruit juice, some ice blocks and to make it cozy, any fruit of your choice chopped in bits and then pedal for a minute or two, and you have yourself a healthy pedal‐powered fruit smoothie. It’s as simple as that!

Even though I was busy trying to serve the long line of persons waiting to pedal their own smoothies , I could hear so many exclamation’s of “super idee!” and “sehr lecker!”. I have been part of events where Brot für die welt is present with their smoothie Bike, these same reaction’s are recurrent, so many people are astonished by the bike and the wonders of its action. The nutritional value, the exercise you get and  the conservation of energy by this bike powered machine are the factors that make the smoothies even more tasty. One most frequent question from most of the men was “How can I get one smoothie bike for my wife?” and for the women it was “Is it possible to Burrow the bike?”. I am just going to leave these questions here and you can decide what to make of them.

Want to pedal your own smoothie with the smoothie Bike? I have exciting news for you, this is possible! You can pedal your own healthy smoothie drinks yourself at the Evangelische Kirchen Tag in Berlin Next year. Brot für die Welt will be present with the smoothie bike and you can visit their stand to pedal your own smoothies.