Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage associated with Climate Change Impacts starts its work

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Last year at the COP19 in Warsaw, it was agreed that climate induced "Loss and Damages" need to be adressed by an own mechanism. Today, the Executive Committee started its work with an "Initial" Meeting at the UNFCCC Secretatriat in Bonn, 25-28th March.

Germanwatch and Bread for the World have jointly published a briefing paper "Loss and Damage: Roadmap to Relevance for the Warsaw International Mechanism" to give guidance not only for civil societies but - hopefully - also for negotiators for the development of a 2-year-workplan. Please find the paper attached.

Christina Figueres just stated that the 2-year-workplan should be developed here in Bonn within only 3 days and not the foreseen 4 days to be presented at COP20 in Lima. Juan Hoffmaister, Bolivia, commented that he will get a hear attack if this workplan should be finalised by Thursday or Friday, as he believes it will very likely take a year to get everything important included. It is still very ambitious to present a perfect workplan until the COP20 in Lima in December 2014. He warns the facilitators that the workplan should be worked out in a considered way, including all relevant items, instead of just putting things together for the sake of it. Even though the athmosphere is very constructive during the opening session, it is obvious that a lot of work needs to be done and the next days will be very important.

Bread for the World will follow the negotiations and report on the process of the Warsaw Mechanism.