Scholarship Programmes

Development-oriented Scholarships

Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World) supports churches or national councils of churches, Protestant universities and non-governmental organisations in the Global South and Eastern Europe in the academic qualification of their staff and target groups with its development-oriented scholarship programmes.

Who Can Be Supported?

Ecclesiastical and secular non-governmental organisations from the Global South and Eastern Europe as well as Protestant Student Congregations and "Studienbegleitprogramme" (co-curricular programme for students) in Germany are eligible to apply for a scholarship. Scholarships can only be applied for by partner organisations. The applications have to meet the standards of Brot für die Welt. Individual applications are not possible.

Scholarship Programmes

Scholarship Programmes

Study Support Programmes

The partner organisations in the global South can also apply for Development Education Programme for students (STUBEn) and coordinate them. These programmes support students on their academic and personal way by study-specific activities and counselling at their Universities.

As a rule, the students do not receive a scholarship but offers for their own further training, context-related exchange, networking and practice of democratic processes. STUBEn are offered in Indonesia, India, Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.