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Change! scholarships in Germany

Leadership for Change

We support committed young people with leadership potential from the Global South and Eastern Europe in obtaining an academic degree in Germany. The scholarship holders receive both financial support and intensive mentoring as part of a study accompanying programme.

The “Leadership for Change” scholarship programme

The Leadership for Change programme (Germany) supports young people from the Global South and Eastern Europe who are committed to social, religious and ecumenical causes in three ways:

  • Financial support to obtain a postgraduate degree in Germany (master’s, doctorate, even post-doctorate in exceptional cases) in one of Brot für die Welt’s topic areas
  • Study accompanying programmes on development and religious topics, as well as leadership training and support for implementing an initiative project
  • Opportunities for networking between the scholarship holders, Brot für die Welt and various civil society networks

With our scholarships, Brot für die Welt is helping to develop a global network of experts who are committed to the goals of Brot für die Welt. As change agents, our young scholarship holders help to strengthen the social and developmental role of NGOs and churches in the Global South and Eastern Europe.

  • The programme is aimed at young people from the Global South and Eastern Europe who demonstrate above-average social commitment and leadership potential and who are pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree in development policy or theology in Germany.

  • Candidates from nominating organisations (e.g. NGOs, churches, Protestant universities in the Global South and Eastern Europe) are given preferential consideration for a scholarship. The candidates are either directly employed by, seeking employment with or volunteering in a relevant organisation or institution.

  • One third of the scholarships can be awarded to independent applicants.


Financial aid:
Monthly scholarship to cover living costs, semester fees and health insurance

Mentoring and support during the scholarship:
The study accompanying programme promotes networking and personal development among the scholarship holders. It includes both introductory seminars as well as specialised seminars in development and ecumenism. The scholarship holders are actively involved in the design of the programme. Further information can be obtained from STIPE/Global Learning Unit.


Personal requirements:

  • Proof of leadership potential and social or religious commitment
  • Citizenship in a country supported by Brot für die Welt
  • for theologians: membership in one of the World Council of Churches member churches worldwide
  • Above-average academic performance
  • Maximum 40 years old
  • In 2024, only applications from women can be considered, as the same number of places will be awarded to women as to men

Formal requirements:

  • Pursuing a course of study relating to one of Brot für die Welt’s strategic topics and/or the strengthening of ecumenism
  • Candidates must fulfil the admission requirements for their intended degree programme in Germany
  • Candidates must have been in Germany for no more than 15 months at the time they plan to start studying (training periods are not counted)
  • Submission of a proposal for an initiative project (planned work to undertake during the scholarship)

Information on the selection procedure:
Applications are accepted throughout the year. A committee meets every 1 to 2 months to approve scholarship applications. However, the application documents should be received at least 4 months before the start of the programme.

The Leadership scholarship programme in Germany is mainly funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

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