Scholarship Accompanying Support Programme

The events of the scholarship accompanying support programme (STIPE) are aimed at all scholarship holders supported by Brot für die Welt - regardless of the respective scholarship programme.


The Scholarship Accompanying Support Programme (STIPE) forms the framework for Brot für die Welt's scholarship work with introductory seminars, study meetings, (re-)integration and evaluation seminars, general assemblies and development-oriented as well as ecumenical seminars.

The aim is to sensitise and inspire the scholarship holders for the topics of Brot für die Welt. They are supposed to act as multipliers of the ecumenical and development policy concerns of Brot für die Welt in the long term. The seminars also serve to strengthen the personal development of each individual participant and build networks among the participants. Scholarship holders can be elected as representatives, the so-called executive team, and play an active role in shaping STIPE. Here you can find a current overview of the STIPE events and seminars.