A hand holds a plant sprout in the soil.
Enviromental Management

Brot für die Welt acts Environmentally Friendly

Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World) works to keep its environmental footprint as small as possible.

To this end the Protestant Agency for Diakonie and Development, of which Brot für die Welt is a part, has established its own internal environmental guidelines. The operational environmental management system, in place since 2005, and a stringent eco-fair procurement policy ensure that our commitment and daily work comply with these guidelines.

Climate Compensation

International official trips, especially long-distance flights to our partner organisations in Asia, Africa and Latin America, are of greatest environmental relevance for Brot für die Welt. Brot für die Welt offsets their resulting CO2 emissions through environmental protection projects. These projects aim to reduce climate-damaging emissions in developing and emerging countries, as well as helping to reduce local poverty.

Environmentally-Friendly Building

Brot für die Welt also actively promotes climate protection through an Urban Gardening project at its Berlin office – honeybees are nurtured on the roof of the office building – in cooperation with a local nature conservation initiative to preserve and promote urban biodiversity. Beyond this, the building meets the most modern standards of sustainability. Staff can carry out their errands and appointments in Berlin in an environmentally friendly manner using the company bicycle or cargo bike.