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Change! scholarships

Commitment for Change in the Global South

We empower disadvantaged but committed young people from the Global South by supporting their academic education. Our local partner organisations are responsible for implementing the scholarship programme.

Scholarship programme: Commitment for Change

Our scholarship programme Commitment for Change! (Global South) enables disadvantaged but socially and developmentally committed young people to realise their dream of starting or continuing their studies.

The goal is not just to acquire knowledge in their respective field of study. We encourage scholarship holders to network, to support each other in their commitment and to continue their education in relevant social and political topics. We also expect them to develop ideas for local initiatives and implement them during their scholarship. An intensive study accompanying programme is provided by our local partner organisations to ensure these goals are met.

After completing their studies, scholarship holders will be prepared to start a career that matches their qualifications and improve the standard of living of both themselves and their families. They will assume social responsibility in their community and region, and will act as multipliers and agents of change to make a significant contribution to sustainable development in their home country.


  • The Commitment for Change! (Global South) scholarship programme helps socially or economically disadvantaged young people in the Global South who would not have access to academic education without support. These might be people from economically disadvantaged sections of society, as well as refugees or people who have been marginalised due to their ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or disability.
    Ideally, candidates should demonstrate a commitment to volunteer work. Our local partners will support the selection process in accordance with mandatory criteria.