Protestant Agency for Diakonie and Development

Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World) is part of the Protestant Agency for Diakonie and Development (EWDE). As an aid agency of the Protestant regional and free churches in Germany, the organisation is a member of various national and international networks and works closely with other aid agencies. Empowering the poor, peacebuilding and care for creation form the core of its work.

Fighting Poverty with a Common Voice

The foundation of the EWDE in 2012 was the reaction of the Protestant churches in Germany and their Diakonie to the demands of a globalised world. The Berlin-based association has brought together the expertise of Diakonisches  Werk der EKD, with its Brot für die Welt campaign and Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (Diakonie Emergency Aid), with that of the Church Development Service. International development work and national Diakonie work are thus more closely meshed, although Brot für die Welt and Diakonie Deutschland remain separate entities.

Bodies of the EWDE

The highest-level body of the EWDE is the Diakonie and Development Conference. The conference decides fundamental issues of the association. Its Development Service and Humanitarian Aid Committee proposes resolutions to the Conference on general principles of its work and advises the Board on development, humanitarian, promotion, communication, fundraising and educational policy issues. At the recommendation of the Executive Board, it approves project funds to be awarded by Brot für die Welt, or delegates the award to the leadership of Brot für die Welt.

The Supervisory Board monitors the implementation of Conference decisions. It appoints the members of the Executive Board and supervises its work.

The full-time Executive Board heads the EWDE. The day-to-day operations of Diakonie Deutschland and Brot für die Welt are each managed by up to three board members. The Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executive of the Executive Board change after three years.

  • Chief Executive: Dr. Dagmar Pruin, President Brot für die Welt and Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe
  • Deputy Chief Executive: Ulrich Lilie, President Diakonie Deutschland Vice 
  • Executive Director Finance, Human Resources and Law: Dr. Jörg Kruttschnitt
  • Executive Director Social Policy Diakonie Deutschland: Maria Loheide

Members (German)

Articles of Association (German)