Supporting Refugees

Scholarships for Women

Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World) financially supports the academic qualification of women who have had to flee to Germany because their human rights had been threatened or violated for political, religious or ethnic reasons.

Programme Objective

Any bachelor’s or master’s degree programme at a state-recognised university or college in Germany can be sponsored. Scholarships are also awarded for preparatory German language instruction and for university preparatory studies.

Target Groups

The Refugee Scholarship Programme is addressed to women who have been persecuted in their country of origin and have had to flee, and who have therefore been unable to study or to complete their studies.

In principle, support is available regardless of religious affiliation, but we expect openness to (inter)religious dialogue.

As this is a development scholarship, we expect the applicants to demonstrate developmental, social, socio-political or ecumenical commitment.

Place of Study

The study programmes take place exclusively in Germany.

Form of Support

The scholarships are awarded to individuals. Family scholarships may be awarded in exceptional cases.


Students cannot apply directly for these scholarships, rather they must be recommended by a Protestant Student Congregation, one of our partner organisations. In individual cases, applications can also be submitted through Protestant church congregations, Diakonie agencies,a regional “Studienbegleitprogramm” (STUBE) (co-curricular programme for students), mission agencies or university or college teachers in Germany.

Applicants must be in Germany at the time of application.

Maximum Age

The maximum participant age is generally 35 years, although justified exceptions are possible.