Target Groups of the Partner Organisations

Academic Studies for the Disadvantaged

Academic studies for target groups of partner organisations are intended to foster the individual future opportunities of disadvantaged persons in the Global South and Eastern Europe.

Programme Objective

The development oriented scholarship programmes support the individual future prospects of disadvantaged persons in the Global South and Eastern Europe. They contribute to the development of the community in which the scholarship recipients will later work.

The scholarship recipients obtain an academic degree (first and second degree) and are able to improve their own situation and that of their families by working as qualified employees or in self-employment after completing their studies, as well as by assuming responsibility for the community. Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World) thus provides access to academic education for disadvantaged persons. The experiences of disadvantaged people in turn inform the academic curriculum and later fields of activity.

Target Groups

The programme is oriented toward disadvantaged young people (target groups of the partner organisations). These include ethnic minorities, refugees, displaced persons and special needs persons. At least 50 percent of the recipients are women.

Place of Study

Studies are supported in countries of the Global South and Eastern Europe.

Form of Support

Scholarships are awarded to a number of people in the form of projects.


Applicants must fulfil local prerequisites for academic study and provide evidence of previous social engagement.

Maximum Age

The maximum participant age is 40 years.