Programme for Staff of Partner Organisations

Academic Studies

Academic studies for employees of partner organisations are intended to strengthen the personnel development of these institutions.

Programme Objective

Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World) strengthens the personnel development of its partner organisations by awarding scholarships for the academic studies of their staff. Undergraduate studies, postgraduate and second degrees as well as doctoral programmes are possible. The partner organisations recommend employees for an academic qualification and, as a rule, release them from their work during their studies. At the end of their studies, employees return to their guaranteed posts with the partner organisations and bring their newly acquired knowledge to bear.

Target Groups

The programme is aimed at staff of Brot für die Welt's partner organisations. Individual scholarships as well as scholarship projects for a number of employees of an organisation can be applied for. At least 50 percent of the recipients are women.

Place of Study

The studies are conducted in Germany (individual scholarships), in the country of origin of the staff member (scholarship projects) or in another country in the Global South or Eastern Europe.

Form of Support

The scholarships are awarded as individual or family scholarships (in Germany) and in the form of projects (group scholarships in the country of origin or another country in the Global South or Eastern Europe).


The partner organisation must reserve the working position. The scholarship recipient must commit to continue working in the organisation after completion of their studies.

Maximum Age

The maximum participant age is 40 years, or 35 years in the case of doctoral programmes.